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Jerry Kranzler of Jerrk Designs has been in the industry for over 22 years.  He has pioneered his craft by going where no one has gone before by painting and modifying vehicles like no other. Jerry likes to make custom parts and paint designs that nobody else has.  He is a natural born artist.

He started off in high school painting his own car in the garage every other month with a different design.  He worked at his fathers sign shop doing hand painted lettering, signs, and airbrushing custom designs.  His father and brother were in to racing so Jerry started painting helmets and racecars.  Jerry was in several car clubs in California where he developed his passion for low riders.

“..Countless Awards”

He has been mostly self taught in his childhood garage and has taken advanced special training courses to fine tune his craft. Jerry is an expert custom painter that has won countless awards.

Jerry has been asked to do special projects including painting a 12 foot guitar for Gibson Guitars that was displayed on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood next to the Roxy.  His Celebrity clientele includes Brad Pitt’s Triumph bike restored to original paint, a bike for Marty Kiebba called “The Black Pearl” in tribute to the “Pirates of the Caribbean”  with Johnny Depps autograph on it and House of  Pain’s Everlast. Jerry has painted 5 cars for Rockstar Energy Drinks with wild graphics. He has done work for Warner Bros Studios and Golds Gym.  Also pin striping on a Modelo beer commercial and appeared on Discovery Channels “Rods N Wheels” Jerry’s work has been featured in Easy Rider Magazine, Biker, In the Wind, Street Trucks, Mini Truckin, Truckin, Deluxe Car Culture, and Tailgating Magazines. Jerry has also painted many cars for the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Jerry has a very successful business in California built from word of mouth and referrals; booked out months in advance with no advertising.  And paints for most of the local cycle and car shops.

Newly relocated to Spokane WA, Jerry looks to establish the same name for himself in the inland North West as he has done in Southern California.

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